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Heads or tails. Life or death.

A 1 in 2 chance of being tortured, persecuted or killed. They're the latest odds on people's lives according to Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

Yesterday Minister Morrison announced a raft of proposed changes to the Migration Act, the most significant of which will mean asylum seekers with a 50/50 chance of torture or serious harm in their home country could be sent back. If these changes are allowed through the Senate, Australia will be quite literally be deporting some asylum seekers to their death. Will you urge your Senator to vote against the amendments?

This latest attempt to sidestep our international obligations makes a complete mockery of Australia's humanitarian commitments - and if it goes ahead, our government is essentially prepared to send people back to places where their chance of life or death may as well be determined by the flip of a coin.

There's a silver lining, though - these laws can't go ahead unchecked. While it's likely the proposed laws will have little trouble passing through the lower house, we'd wager that the new crossbench senators, and perhaps even some Coalition senators, won't be comfortable letting this one slide through the Senate. Together, let's urge our Senators to stand against these amendments in the Senate.

Leaked footage obtained by The Guardian shows a stiff Minister Morrison staring down the barrel of the camera, telling newly arrived asylum seekers about their options - and it needs to be seen to be believed:

Current laws specify that asylum seekers can't be sent home if there is more than a 10 per cent chance they will be tortured or persecuted. However, if Morrison's proposed laws pass the Senate, asylum seekers will need to prove they have a "greater than 50 per cent chance" of suffering significant harm in their home country, otherwise they will be sent back to their home country.

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