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Save Renewables with the Repower Plan!

Australia's biggest polluter is showing more leadership on climate change than the Turnbull Government.

Today — despite intense pressure from Turnbull and his ministers — AGL stuck to its guns and confirmed it will close its Liddell coal plant. Even the country's biggest polluter knows its time to move beyond coal and invest in renewables.

But Malcolm Turnbull is more interested in indulging Tony Abbott's coal fantasies than coming up with a plan to cut pollution and build renewables.

So we did his job for him. Our Repower Australia Plan shows how we can repower the country with 100% clean energy, take control of our power bills, and do our bit to tackle the climate crisis.

Repowering Australia with clean energy will create a better life for everyone — it'll bring cleaner air, better jobs, and lower power bills.

To do this we must move beyond burning coal and gas. We must upgrade our old energy system, ensuring a just transition for workers and communities, and ramp up our efforts to harvest the power of the sun and the wind.

We already have the technology, skills and solutions to do this. Many Australians and local businesses are already leading the way. Now it's time for our elected representatives to step up and invest in a clean energy future.

The Repower Australia Plan outlines how we can repower the country with clean energy, rewrite the rules of our failing electricity system and replace the polluters holding us back.


We call on State and Federal Governments to:

  • Commit to 100% renewable power by 2030
  • Stop big energy companies from ripping off everyday Australians, and
  • Plan for the orderly closure of coal-burning power stations with a just transition for communities and workers.

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