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Provide us with 24-hour clean energy!

It's official: we've just roasted through the hottest 5 years on record.1

But instead of swinging into action to support clean energy, the Turnbull government is propping up our ageing fleet of dirty old coal plants.

These ancient pollution factories are fuelling more frequent and intense heat waves. And they are failing in the heat. Clapped-out coal and gas stations had 25 major breakdowns last summer.2 These old clunkers keep breaking down in the heat, when people need electricity the most.

It's clear: the best thing to reduce pollution and blackouts is a smart, modern electricity grid based on 100% clean energy.

Sign the petition to show state and federal governments we want 100% clean energy.

[1] 2017: Record-breaking year for heat and extreme weather, Climate Council, January 2018
[2] Ageing coal-fired power plants can't take the heat, The Australian, 23 January 2018
While countries around the world capture the benefits from the renewable energy boom, the Federal Government still has no plan to invest in the clean, safe, and affordable energy future we need. So we came up with one for them.

The GetUp member-funded Homegrown Power Plan – a joint project between GetUp and Solar Citizens – shows how we can repower the country with 100% renewable energy by 2030, and save lots of money on fuel costs along the way!

How? By rebooting our broken national electricity market, removing the roadblocks holding us back, and investing in renewable energy and storage.

Transitioning our electricity system to 24-hour clean power is practical, achievable, economically sound, and overwhelmingly popular. Our government is being left behind, and it's about time they caught up.

Have a look at the Homegrown Power Plan here:

Click here to download a summary of the Homegrown Power Plan.

The Renewable Energy Index tracks the amount of renewable energy in Australia, the jobs it's creating, the power bill savings it is delivering for Australian households, and the environmental benefits of the rising use of clean power.

The index is a joint project between Green Energy Markets and GetUp.

Every month we provide fresh numbers to give an accurate snap-shot of Australia's booming renewable energy industry. Including:

  • how many jobs have been created in large-scale renewables and small-scale solar
  • how much climate pollution has been avoided through renewable energy generation
  • how much new clean energy generation has been built
  • how much consumers are saving on power bills thanks to clean energy.

Read the latest Renewable Energy Index


We call on State and Federal Governments to:

  • Commit to 100% renewable power by 2030
  • Stop big energy companies from ripping off everyday Australians, and
  • Plan for the orderly closure of coal-burning power stations with a just transition for communities and workers.

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