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Renewable Energy Index 2016 - 17

Click here to download the full Renewable Energy Index Benchmark Report!

Share a copy of the Renewable Energy Index with your MP!

Renewable energy is booming in Australia. Let's make sure politicians from all parties know the good news by sharing the Renewable Energy Index with your MP.

What you write is up to you, but here's some suggestions to make it more impactful:

  • Share this link to the Renewable Energy Index:
  • If your MP, or their party, strongly supports renewables, you can thank them for their position and suggest they use this fresh information to keep making the case for a clean, renewable energy future!
  • If your MP, or their party is trying to stand in the way of the renewables revolution, send them the report and let them see how far we've come — and show them what we can do!
  • Tell your MP a little bit about why renewable energy matters to you and how you vote
  • Be polite! A little courtesy goes a long way.

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