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WATCH: The Coalition's problem with men

Everything you're about to hear in this video was said by a current member of the Morrison Government. The very same government entrusted with turning the tide of misogyny on a national scale – and that's a problem.👇

The Coalition's Problem with Men

The government doesn't have a problem with women. It has a problem with men.

Posted by GetUp! on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

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This Government has a proven track record of failing women, through policies that actively entrench inequality and words that perpetuate a culture of misogyny.

Public pressure has forced him to desperately try to prove his Government takes the current moment seriously and is capable of addressing it.

But until Morrison's words are paired with action, they're meaningless. And they sit alongside words from within his own ranks that perpetuate the very problem.

Some of us have been fighting for decades, others have just begun. Either way, it's up to every single one of us to ensure this historic shift in national consciousness doesn't go to waste.

Will you pledge to hold Scott Morrison accountable for his abject failure of leadership?


Show Scott Morrison the public wants swift, genuine action to end misogyny in politics and beyond.

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  • Affirm that you want real, systemic change on deep-seated misogyny, not grand but ultimately meaningless gestures like a Cabinet reshuffle.
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