22nd December 2016

Huge news – the Turnbull Government is officially walking away from their shady plan to sell-off the ASIC corporate database – and it's all thanks to you.

If a few months ago someone had told me that over 80,000 GetUp members would step up together to fight the ASIC sell-off, I'd have laughed in their face. But that's exactly what you did – and thanks to you, this sell-off is dead.

This remarkable win means the ASIC corporate database, and its treasure trove of over 10 million documents, will remain in public hands. And investigative journalists like the award winning Michael West, as well as academics and civil society groups, can continue to use it to expose corporate tax dodging, human trafficking and labour exploitation.

Congratulations. This proves that when we speak up, we can change the minds of key decision makers and maintain corporate scrutiny.

Here's what happened to make this win for the public interest possible:
  • 80,306 petition signatures against this privatisation;
  • 3,560 of us contacted our local MPs
  • Shared viral explainer videos – viewed over 1,188,201 times!
  • 2,055 chipped in for a full page ad in the Canberra Times
The ASIC sell-off would've been an early Christmas present for tax-dodgers, money launderers, and corporations wanting to stay out of public scrutiny. But thanks you, that's all been avoided and journalists like Michael West can continue to shine a light on corporate affairs.

Campaigns like this are only possible because of the GetUp Crew, whose small and regular donations mean we can act quickly and nimbly to champion key issues - and win.

If you're not already a part of the crew, click here to join and power more campaigns to victory in 2017.

Thank you for speaking up, Nat, Daney, Ruby, Django, and Mark, for the GetUp team

PS - A shout out to our campaign partners the Tax Justice Network, and the Community and Public Sector Union fighting to preserve the careers of hundreds of workers at the ASIC database in Victoria's La Trobe valley. And last but certainly not least, to investigative journalist Michael West, who provided the passionate voice that showed why the database is so crucial to the corporate misconduct exposés on his website.