Welcome to GetUp!

Thank you for adding your voice. GetUp is a movement of everyday people who work together online — and also in our local communities — to campaign for First Nations justice, climate justice, economic fairness, and a stronger democracy.

Now that we’re in touch, the hope is that you’ll join us in taking action when critical moments arise on important issues like protecting the ABC, replacing coal and gas with clean energy, tackling rising inequality, and ending Aboriginal deaths in custody.

So, what does taking action look like? It could mean showing your support for an issue by signing a petition or emailing a strategic decision maker. Sometimes, you might share important content on your social media or be invited to attend an online event or training. We also gather in protest, partner with policy experts to develop new solutions, and exercise our consumer power. The choice to get more involved is always up to you.

Here are a few of the campaigns GetUp is working on right now — you can click to add your name to any you’d like to stay across.

✊🏾 Unite with Traditional Owners against fracking!
🆘 Raise JobSeeker above the poverty line!
📺 Save our ABC
🤐 Stop the war on whistleblowers
⛺️ Demand a national climate compensation fund
🔎 Browse more campaigns here

Otherwise just keep your eyes peeled on your inbox. In the coming weeks, GetUp will send you emails whenever a critical moment arises on an important issue with an opportunity to get more involved.

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Thank you for deciding to get more involved in building a fairer, kinder, and more just Australia. We'll be in touch soon.