Statement of Independence

GetUp is an independent movement of everyday people.

Together, we practise our independence through passionate political engagement. We judge parties and policies, values and character — not their brand — then act accordingly.

We are active participants, not indifferent observers. We champion climate science over denial, the public good over corporate greed, and robust multiculturalism over callous racism.

We are beholden to no-one but each other and our shared values. Together, we pressure, persuade and work with those in and outside government who can deliver real change on the issues that drive us, without ever giving or receiving money, or direction, from any political party, politician or candidate.

Elections are great change moments. Our movement engages fiercely whenever we have the opportunity and means to build a more fair, flourishing and just Australia for all.

Our power comes not from private interests or political patronage, but from the rolling tide of people working together towards a common cause.