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Democratic participation is essential to getting the referendum over the line

CEO Larissa Baldwin-Roberts is interviewed by Triple J's Hack ahead of the amendments to the referendum Machinery Bill: “We cannot have a referendum that directly impacts First Nations communities, without first ensuring every eligible First Nations person can vote on it.”

Mar 21st 2023

Thousands of Australians will not be able to vote in Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum

"In federal elections, our communities are massively under-represented. So we need to talk about pulling out all stops to make sure that First Nations people can be at the polls."

Mar 20th 2023

Past Failures and Broken Trust Lead to Skepticism on the Voice

Campaign group GetUp says the realities of the past need to be acknowledged in conversations around the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum to be held later this year. GetUp CEO and Widjabul Wai-bal woman Larissa Baldwin-Roberts said it was important to be patient in discussing the Voice, as there is broken trust in government amongst Indigenous Australians.

Feb 26th 2023

AEC sees record increase in Indigenous enrolment, but more support still needed

"There is significant practical work to be done, including increasing accessibility, education, translators at the booths, election notices in communities and ensuring the AEC has a longer presence in communities."

Feb 6th 2023

In the wake of Kimberley flooding, what are the lessons being learnt?

“For decades communities have been asking for better roads, climate safe housing, and an end to fossil fuel extraction on their Country which is directly driving these disasters”

Jan 25th 2023

Widjabul Wia-bal leader of key advocacy group slams Dutton's "divisiveness and political wedges" on Voice

“This is the same old divisive Peter Dutton who boycotted the apology to the Stolen Generations, not the changed man his PR team is trying to sell voters."

Jan 11th 2023

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