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Powering GetUp

GetUp is an independent campaigning community made up of over one million everyday people working together to build a fair, flourishing, and just Australia.

We're boldly progressive and people-powered to our very core.

We're fiercely independent – we're not linked to any political parties, we don't have or want charity status, and we don't accept any funding from Government.

Our independence is woven into our DNA – because this movement is powered by hundreds of thousands of amazing Australians who sign up, contact their politicians, and chip in to power campaigns.

When you support GetUp, you're powering a million-strong, strategically savvy organisation that makes real change happen. And every dollar you donate to GetUp is used to build a more fair, flourishing, and just Australia.

GetUp by the numbers

Here's a real-time snapshot of what GetUp members are up to:
Last Day Last 7 days Last 30 days Last 365 days
Donations 1640 12915 54681 578191
Donations Total $26388 $259147 $1073429 $10360841
Average Donations $16 $20 $19 $17
Actions Taken 2965 19973 104194 1825910
New Members 304 2063 10751 144000
Donors 1314 9638 20015 45319
First-time Donors 29 602 2355 20734
+ Updated once a day. Last updated: 12/12/2018 at 02:05AM
^ For technical reasons not all donations processed through this website are included in these statistics. These amounts are subject to change at any time.
GetUp is deeply committed to People Power, and to enabling democratic participation via donations from as many individuals and businesses as possible.

However, there are some individuals and businesses from whom we do not accept donations, due to state electoral laws or because of our movement's core values -- like independence, or our mission to build a progressive Australia.

If you have contributed to a campaign focused on outcomes in the state of Victoria, please note that because of Victorian electoral law:

  • We will not accept donations towards campaigns from individuals who aren't Australian citizens or residents.
  • We will not accept donations from businesses without an Australian Business Number.
  • We will not accept donations of $1,000 or more from anonymous donors. If you have given a donation of $1,000 or more, we require your name and address.

If you have questions or need to arrange a refund on this basis, please contact our Donations team.

We are obliged to disclose cumulative donations of $13,800 or more in a financial year to the Australian Electoral Commission under the Commonwealth Electoral Act. Because GetUp is passionate about more transparency in our democracy, we disclose all cumulative donations of $10,000 or more in a financial year here on our disclosure website.

We may also be obliged to disclose single or cumulative donations of $1,000 or more to one or more State Electoral Commissions under one or more State Electoral Acts.

Donors who contribute to any of our campaigns relating to a state government election in Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia are required by electoral laws in those states to disclose the donation to the relevant State Electoral Commission if the amount contributed (either as a single or cumulative donation) is equal to or more than the amounts in the table below. Information on how to make a disclosure can be found on each State Electoral Commission website.

State Amount Electoral Commission Website
VIC $1,000 Victorian Electoral Commission
NSW $1,000 Electoral Commission NSW
SA $5,000 Electoral Commsion SA
GetUp's political expenditure declarations to the AEC

The AEC's findings regarding GetUp's independence from political parties.

GetUp is a not-for-profit organisation — and we don't receive any funding from political parties or the Government.

In the last financial year we took money from 64,957 individual donors, making up a whopping 551,158 individual donations. 97% of these donations were under $100.

On the rare occasion GetUp does receive a large donation, they're declared right here on our website within 30 days.

Donations above $10,000:

Name(s) Financial Year Amount
The Russell Mills Foundation 2018/2019 $40,000
James Christie and Sally Paton 2018/2019 $50,000
Clive Blazey 2018/2019 $10,000
Karen Loblay 2018/2019 $14,000
Estate of the late Dr Jan Barendregt 2018/2019 $18,951.31
Minax Uriel Pty Ltd for the late Norman Rothfield Peace and Justice Fund 2018/2019 $103,150
Sue Holmes 2018/2019 $21,250
Bill Bush 2018/2019 $10,690
Norman James 2017/2018 $11,783
Heather Barrett 2017/2018 $10,340
Tony and Maureen Wheeler (contribution to improve policy and practice towards refugees and asylum seekers in Australia) 2017/2018 $86,000
Estate of the late Dr Jan Barendregt 2017/2018 $100,000
Estate of the late Paul Hogan 2017/2018 $29,205.32
Karin Andersson 2017/2018 $10,805
Sue Holmes 2017/2018 $13,500
Joan Croll AO 2017/2018 $11,740
Estate of the late Claire Eliza Brunner 2017/2018 $100,000
Ann Jacobs 2017/2018 $10,000
Karen Loblay AM 2017/2018 $40,700
Minax Uriel Pty Ltd for the late Norman Rothfield Peace and Justice Fund 2017/2018 $42,360
Estate of the late Linda Jean McDonald 2017/2018 $10,000
Lush Australia 2017/2018 $80,000
Avaaz Foundation 2017/2018 $72,630.42
JE and SJ McKinnon 2017/2018 $40,000
Brian Snape AM 2016/2017 $11,140
Tony and Maureen Wheeler (contribution to increase capacity to coordinate crucial advocacy to improve outcomes for asylum seekers and refugees) 2016/2017 $240,000
Lush Australia 2016/2017 $37,404
Jean LeQuesne 2016/2017 $10,000
Helen Semler 2016/2017 $11,100
Sue Holmes 2016/2017 $12,650
Karen Loblay AM 2016/2017 $53,000
Minax Uriel Pty Ltd for the late Norman Rothfield Peace and Justice Fund 2016/2017 $20,360
Sally Perini 2016/2017 $10,000
Oak Foundation 2016/2017 $63,693
Sally Perini 2015/2016 $15,200
Sean Triner and Christiana Stergiou 2015/2016 $25,000
Chris Allen 2015/2016 $28,600
Campact 2015/2016 $42,960.81
Minax Uriel Pty Ltd for the late Norman Rothfield Peace and Justice Fund 2015/2016 $152,435
Amanda Lopez 2015/2016 $66,270
Karen Loblay AM 2015/2016 $43,960
Shanna Langdon 2015/2016 $10,000
Brian Snape AM 2015/2016 $14,375
Amanda Lopez 2014/2015 $103,125
Avaaz Foundation 2014/2015 $99,985
Karen Loblay AM 2014/2015 $50,100
Minax Uriel Pty Ltd for the late Norman Rothfield Peace and Justice Fund 2014/2015 $53,975
Avaaz Foundation 2013/2014 $95,633
John and Sue McKinnon 2013/2014 $10,000
Dr Christopher Allen 2013/2014 $20,000
Karen Loblay AM 2013/2014 $11,160
SM Varga and A D Coombs 2012/2013 $40,000
Roger Allen 2012/2013 $60,000
Tarkine Wilderness Pty Ltd 2011/2012 $10,000
Linda Kepitis 2011/2012 $10,000
Chris Morris 2011/2012 $10,000
Australian Education Union 2011/2012 $10,000
Roger Allen 2010/2011 $40,000
Roslyn Horin 2010/2011 $20,000
ASU 2010/2011 $35,000
CFMEU 2010/2011 $1,120,000
Richard Stiles 2010/2011 $17,000
Graeme Wood 2009/2010 $25,000
Anne Coombs 2009/2010 $20,000
Richard Stiles 2009/2010 $15,000
Jo Skrynski 2008/2009 $137,500
Maureen and Tony Wheeler 2007/2008 $82,500
CPSU Community and Public Sector Union 2007/2008 $50,000
Jagen 2007/2008 $50,000
Deanne E Weir 2007/2008 $40,000
Anne Coombs 2007/2008 $39,700
S J Killela 2007/2008 $30,000
Duncan Turpie 2007/2008 $25,000
Daniel Droga 2007/2008 $20,000
Heyede Pty Ltd 2007/2008 $18,250
Roger Allen 2007/2008 $16,497
SM Varga and AD Coombes 2006/2007 $90,000
S J Killelea 2006/2007 $70,000
Deanne E Weir 2006/2007 $25,000
Heyede Pty Ltd 2006/2007 $16,665
E Thornley and T Ellery 2005/2006 $14,165