GetUp in the media

The multi-racial grassroots group launching a new assault on Kevin Andrews

They are the multi-racial rabble rousers who hope to topple Kevin Andrews. A grassroots group called Colour Code is targeting Mr Andrews, the Morrison government’s longest-serving MP, seeking to convince the large Asian-Australian community in his seat of Menzies to vote him out.

May 7th 2019

Inside GetUp's Ambitious Campaign To Crush Dutton And The Liberal Right

There's 151 seats up for grabs on May 18, but progressive campaigners GetUp are focusing on just six.

May 6th 2019

The political force that terrifies the Liberal Party

It’s been called “the most powerful political organisation in Australia” with 10 times the membership of the Labor and Liberal parties combined, so it’s no wonder politicians are running scared at the sight of GetUp’s distinctive orange T-shirts.

May 4th 2019

An activist group harnesses Australians’ political disillusionment

GetUp! is giving politicians who ignore climate change a run for their money

May 2nd 2019

What is GetUp and will it sway Australia's federal election?

The left-leaning advocacy group wants to take down the federal government's most prominent conservatives.

Apr 27th 2019

Inside the GetUp! election machine

The progressive group is gearing up to spend its $12.7 million war chest on unseating six key members of the Coalition’s hard right and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. By Mike Seccombe.

Apr 20th 2019

'Our approach is to remove the hard right': GetUp raises $12m in effort to oust conservatives

A flood of money has lifted activist group GetUp to a new peak of $12.5 million in annual donations as it puts pressure on election candidates to declare their policy positions in order to gain its support on polling day.

Apr 15th 2019

GetUp throw Tony Abbott party at his Manly office

GetUp — a left-wing lobby group — staged a lively “retirement party” for Tony Abbott outside his constituency office this morning.

Mar 26th 2019

Sixty per cent of voters support medevac bill, GetUp poll finds

Almost 60% of voters support the recently passed medevac bill to more easily get critically ill people access to medical care, a new poll has revealed.

Feb 24th 2019

Activists GetUp ruled independent of parties by Electoral Commission

An Australian Electoral Commission investigation has cleared GetUp of having ties to any particular political party or parties at the 2016 federal election.

Feb 18th 2019

GetUp survey identifies Peter Dutton as Australia’s most unwanted hard-right politician

Australia’s most unpopular hard-right politician has been identified as Peter Dutton by a GetUp survey of almost 30,000 people.

Jan 17th 2019

GetUp's 'hard right' hitlist for federal election revealed

GetUp is asking the public to nominate which conservative Coalition MPs are “the worst of a bad bunch” to help it prioritise targets for the federal election.

Jan 8th 2019