Jul 2nd 2020

Andrew Liveris spewing gas myths and selling the NT a lemon

The gas industry’s mouthpiece Andrew Liveris is out again peddling myths about the viability of fracking in the NT, ignoring the decades of opposition from Traditional Owners, Aboriginal communities and the majority of Territorians.

GetUp’s First Nations Campaign Director Larissa Baldwin said:

“Andrew Liveris is selling the NT a lemon. An unelected and unaccountable fossil fuel lobbyist, he has a vested interest in pushing the government into reviving the dying gas industry with public money.

“Cheap gas is a myth, none of the evidence stacks up against Liveris’ claims. 

“If Andrew Liveris really wants to give the NT a gift, he can start by listening to what communities have been saying for decades.

“To characterise Traditional Owner’s resistance to fracking on their land as “bickering” is out of touch and beyond offensive - the fact is the overwhelming majority of Territorians stand on the same side.

A recent poll found that 86 percent of Terriortrians oppose fracking, they know the Beetaloo Basin gas project doesn’t stack up on financial or environmental grounds.

“The independent inquiry into fracking in the Northern Territory found Aboriginal communities overwhelmingly opposed fracking on their land.

“Fracking will be a catastrophe for our climate, our water, and won’t provide anywhere near the number of jobs the sales pitch promises.

“We've seen how the gas industry in the US has devastated the water security and health of communities, and now fresh from a stint as Trump’s cheerleader Andrew Liveris wants to bring this to the NT.

“Liveris has also conveniently failed to mention that the US shale industry has been going broke for nearly two years - gas isn’t viable. 

“The NT doesn’t need an oil baron and unelected fossil fuel lobbyist pulling the strings, we need leadership and investment in jobs for the future and renewable energy.”