Feb 28th 2020

Australia has the capacity to be a renewable energy superpower

GetUp says the Government’s Technology Roadmap announcement today is a blow for cheap, clean energy to drive Australia’s economic future.

“Australia has the capacity to be a renewable energy superpower, but not while Angus Taylor lets the fossil-fuel lobby run our energy policy,” said GetUp’s National Director, Paul Oosting.

“The Government has delivered a blow to Australians who want to take advantage of all the cheap clean energy available on our sun-filled continent.

“We can do both - invest in renewables and other new technologies. We have the means to be rapidly scaling up public investment in renewables across the board, and an urgent need to do so. 

“There's a lot of evidence that government investments encourage and enable greater levels of private sector investment in renewables. 

“People want publicly owned renewables that will keep energy bills down, rather than padding the profits of big corporations.

“If the Government was serious about technological solutions to the climate crisis, they wouldn't be letting ARENA funding run dry.

“We already generate enough clean energy to power every house in Australia. We need a plan to create enough for our industries and businesses, and then to export clean energy to the world. 

“The technological solutions are already here but we are being left behind because of the greed, stubbornness, and deliberate ignorance of the Liberal and National parties,” said Paul Oosting.