Apr 29th 2022

Beetaloo report backs Traditional Owners on consent, probes Morrison Government’s misuse of public money

A progress report from the Senate probe into the Morrison Government’s $50 million handout to frack the Beetaloo Basin reflects the testimonies of Traditional Owners who do not consent to the project, as well as bringing to light the misuse of public funds and lack of scrutiny towards government ministers.

The report comes one month after Traditional Owners gave evidence at a hearing in Darwin, stating they do not consent to fracking and urging that public funds be redirected to support First Nations communities health systems, housing and education. 

GetUp’s First Nations Justice Campaign Director Amy Gordon said: 

“The Morrison Government has attempted to accelerate fracking in the Beetaloo at every turn - all before this inquiry had even finished its process. 

“It’s clear the Morrison Government is worried about this inquiry - it exposed their links to gas corporations cashing in on their handout and now it’s revealed just how little government ministers were scrutinised before signing over millions in public money.“Traditional Owners have staunchly defended Country throughout this inquiry, these initial findings reflect that, and they’re only the beginning.