Nov 16th 2020

Bushfire Royal Commission and State of the Climate Report require more from Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is ignoring the climate policy implications of the Bushfires Royal Commission and the new State of the Climate Report from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO.

Both reports found Australian communities face more relentless bushfires and compounding or simultaneous extreme weather events, driven by climate change. 

Bega Valley bushfire survivor Janet Reynolds said:

“The Bushfire Royal Commission and the State of the Climate Report are unequivocal: we desperately need to prepare our communities for more frequent and severe bushfires driven by climate change in the years to come.

“Two years after a bushfire upended my life, I still live in a caravan on the site of my burned-down home. 

“When your home is destroyed in a bushfire, you don't just lose it once: you lose it every single day, when you wake up and remember all the things you no longer have.

“Scott Morrison needs to fulfil his promise to communities like mine so we can finally rebuild and thrive. And that means funding to rebuild and long-term action on climate change.”

GetUp Climate Justice Director Kathryn McCallum said: 

“Our communities face compounding climate disasters. Both reports note that communities are being hit with drought, heatwaves, bushfires, hailstorms, and flooding in a single season. 

“In ignoring the implications of both the Royal Commission and the State of the Climate Report for climate policy, Morrison is out of step with science and public sentiment.

“The coronavirus response shows that governments can listen to scientists and work together to make big public policy decisions that save lives. It’s time to extend this to climate change.”

“Australia’s major trading partners, every state and territory government, and our biggest super fund have all set mid-century goals for net zero climate pollution. 

“The Morrison Government is the odd one out. Using public funding to promote burning more gas is incompatible with protecting Australians from even worse fire seasons.”

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Janet Reynolds, Bega Valley bushfire survivor

Kathryn McCallum, GetUp Climate Justice Director