Aug 30th 2019

Climate change is here, hundreds of scientists downgrade the health of our Great Barrier Reef

Climate change is killing our Reef to the point that its health and outlook has been downgraded for the very first time from poor to very poor.

Hundreds of scientists have this morning released the starkest warning{: target="_blank"} that the Great Barrier Reef is in critical danger from the greenhouse gases heating our climate and our oceans. 

Miriam Lyons, GetUp’s Environmental Campaign Director, said to the Morrison government this is not just a crisis, it’s an outrage.

“The Reef is now in the worst condition it has ever been in the history of this report - climate damage is here. 

“This is the starkest report yet on the unprecedented damage that the climate crisis is doing to our Reef. 

“When we know that Australia is the third largest exporter of climate pollution, responsibility for saving the Reef starts with this government.

“The Morrison government is trying to strongarm UNESCO into sidelining climate damage when they review the Reef’s World Heritage status, but hundreds of scientists can’t be ignored.

“The only thing that can save the Reef, and the jobs that depend on it, is a government with a credible plan for climate action. 

“My message to every MP right now is: Tell us what you are going to do to save the Reef from climate damage?”