Feb 5th 2020

Dirty money is buying politics and party rooms

The cycle of climate denial and inaction will not be broken while fossil fuel money is bankrolling elections and dictating party room politics.

The Coalition are the last party left standing against political donation reform, with Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie introducing today a Bill that joins the reform pushes by the Greens, Labor, and Centre Alliance calling for greater transparency and disclosure of political donations. 

GetUp Campaigns Director Ed Miller said:

“When a mining magnate like Clive Palmer can shout down the voices of everyday Australians with a $90 million election spend – it’s clear we need root and branch reform. 

“And it’s a problem runs deeper than Palmer. Senior government MP’s are acting as public mouthpieces for the fossil fuel lobby.

“With $1.1million of donations, it’s clear the fossil fuel industry has their hooks sunk deep into the Coalition party room. 

“Climate change is causing unprecedented bushfires, droughts and floods. How can we trust a government to keep us safe on climate when their campaign coffers have been lined by the fossil fuel lobby?

“Politicians from across the political spectrum have now all spoken up for sensible donations reforms, such as caps on political donations and caps on how much parties can spend on elections. It’s time to get money out of politics. 

“The Coalition are now standing alone to block reforms that amplify the voices of everyday people and end the tide of corporate cash. What are they so afraid of?”