Feb 4th 2021

GetUp releases new documentary exposing Morrison and Murdoch's war on the ABC

Today, GetUp releases 'Murdoch & Morrison v. The ABC', an explosive new documentary revealing the conservative campaign to gut, discredit and ultimately abolish our iconic public broadcaster.

Featuring former ABC journalists, media experts, and members of communities affected by the devastating Black December bushfires, Murdoch & Morrison v. The ABC exposes the work of the Murdoch media, the Institute of Public Affairs and their allies in the Morrison Government to abolish the ABC.

GetUp National Director Paul Oosting said:

“The Murdoch Press and Morrison Government have waged an ideological war on the ABC and it needs to be exposed.

"The ABC is critical to Australian communities. It is fearless in holding politicians to account, has kept us safe and informed during bushfires and the pandemic, and is critical to our kids education and imagination.

"But it has some powerful enemies, desperate to silence, sideline and discredit its invaluable work. 

“From now until the May Budget we know conservative forces will be out in full swing, pushing for yet more cuts to the ABC's already-gutted budget.

“So we’ll be fighting back too, arming the public with everything they need to push back against their anti-ABC ideological agenda.

"This documentary exposes the ongoing conservative effort to destroy one of Australia's most trusted media outlets — and reminds viewers why we so desperately need the ABC in the first place. We need a fully-funded ABC, free from political interference, with every job and dollar cut since 2013 reinstated."

Media contact: Alex McKinnon 0411 829 334


**Paul Oosting, **National Director at GetUp

Chandi Bates, Media and Democracy Campaign Director at GetUp

Other spokespeople available on request.

Watch the film here.