Dec 8th 2020

Finally, an honest "government" ad about studying in Australia

As the Morrison Government ramps up its outreach efforts to entice international students back to Australia, "Study in Australia: You pay us, we ignore you!" is a very official* tourism campaign informing international students about the type of experience they can expect to have in Australia while the Government refuses to offer them any financial support during the Covid crisis.

Last week GetUp launched the first mobile billboard of the campaign outside Parliament House. Now we've released [a helpful online video]( to let international students know what kind of welcome they can expect from the Government.

GetUp Human Rights Campaigner and "tourism" spokesperson Tessa Pang said:

"To anyone looking to study abroad, we here in Australia say: welcome! We hope you're looking forward to getting to know our beautiful country while the Morrison Government completely abandons you during a time of crisis!

"Countries like Canada, New Zealand and the UK have offered financial assistance to international students struggling through the Covid pandemic, but here in Australia, you'll receive no support whatsoever!

"What you can expect though, is to queue up for hours to get a free meal from charities, struggle to stay off the streets and spend your life savings just to survive. Just like 14% of international students who've recently experienced homelessness, and the 46% who are regularly skipping meals!

“So come on down to Australia, where we can guarantee you a Government that disregards the enormous contributions you make to our communities and economy ($40 billion a year, to be precise), and instead completely turns their back on you, just when you need them most!   

"Study in Australia: You pay us, we ignore you!"

Media contact: Alex McKinnon 0411 829 334


Tessa Pang, Human Rights Campaigner at GetUp
Ali Amin, Welfare Officer at the National Union of Students
Jackie Chen, Student Organiser at the SA Labour Information Hub

*Very much not official.

Images available on request.