May 20th 2020

Gas expansion led by, designed for and serving only the fossil fuel lobby

The Morrison government’s so-called “gas recovery” is a myth - led by and designed for fossil fuel lobbyists with vested interests and deep pockets.

These gas projects are washed up, recycled ideas that have already been rejected after failing their own viability studies.

They don't make economic sense without being propped up with huge amounts of public money and would be a catastrophe for our climate.  

GetUp’s First Nations Campaign Director Larissa Baldwin said:

“There’s no such thing as cheap gas. Gas pipeline projects aren’t viable, they won’t create jobs and they will have catastrophic climate impacts. 

“Nev Power is recycling old ideas that have failed their own financial feasability studies, this exact pipeline was slammed as “ridiculously stupid” just last year. 

“The Morrison government is letting its fossil fuel industry mates pull the strings in a global pandemic. 

“The unelected and unaccountable National COVID Commission is led by former mining CEO Nev Power and riddled with fossil fuel lobbyists to push a gas-fuelled recovery that will destroy our climate. 

“It's clear this government is more concerned with protecting fossil fuels than people during this health crisis. 

“Gas is a carbon-bomb, opening up one new basin would make meeting our Paris targets impossible. 

“To lift us out of this health and economic crisis we need solutions that prioritise workers and a clean energy transition – not the vested interests of the fossil fuel lobby."