Sep 5th 2022

GetUp’s new leader to strengthen grassroots political advocacy

Under my leadership, Getup will be an organisation that matters to people’s lives, and helps create the change they want to see.

The GetUp Board is excited to announce its new Chief Executive Officer Larissa Baldwin.

Larissa comes from a long-line of political activists and was brought up in the fight for land rights, climate justice, First Nations justice and cultural heritage, building strong relationships in communities and across civil society over decades. 

A proud Widjabul Wia-bul woman from the Bundjalung Nations and until now GetUp’s Chief Campaigns Officer, Larissa has dedicated her life to First Nations justice, climate action and a more fair Australia.

Prior to GetUp, Larissa co-founded Seed, Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network, after having worked internationally - becoming a respected campaign strategist and messaging expert.

GetUp Board Chair Carla McGrath said:

“Larissa is a formidable campaigner, inspiring leader and it has been extraordinary to see her imagine and create our First Nations Justice work, and take our recent federal election campaign to the next level.

“Today’s announcement represents an exciting moment for the leadership of civil society organisations of our scale, with two First Nations women now at the helm of GetUp. In the progressive sector, as I understand it, this is a first”

“We work hard to value and centre communities in our campaigns. Larissa Baldwin embodies the experiences and perspectives of the communities we come from and work alongside to make change.”

“Putting people back into politics means making politics about the people. Not just the houses of parliament, but movements that keep them accountable to those they represent. 

“Striving for a fair, flourishing and just nation requires leadership that understands the fullness of the challenges and opportunities of that aspiration. We are proud to announce the appointment of Larissa Baldwin as the next GetUp CEO and recognise her as someone who has a demonstrated ability to lead our organisation and sector.”

GetUp's Chief Executive Officer, Larissa Baldwin said:

“Under my leadership, Getup will be an organisation that matters to people’s lives, and helps create the change they want to see. 

“We have a huge opportunity with a new government, elected with a strong mandate to act on climate, undertaking a referendum and undoing the damage of consecutive conservative governments on our institutions. 

“Communities across Australia are living with very real impacts of climate change, fossil fuel extraction and growing inequality. GetUp can harness the opportunities that come from this new parliament by listening to, working with, and acting on the needs of our members and communities.

“Right up the coast, through regional NSW, we’ve seen severe weather and flooding at historic levels resulting in one of our biggest natural disasters caused by global warming. As we continue to face these real impacts of climate change, our communities need leadership, resources and a responsive government working in collaboration with local knowledge.

“The upcoming referendum is a unique opportunity to build the momentum we need to actually deliver transformational change for First Nations communities - through a process of truth telling, self-determination and a bold vision for what's possible beyond just inclusion."

“Over the last six years I’m proud to have built up GetUp’s First Nations Justice team - together with members we’ve delayed huge fracking projects, demanded governments commit to new laws on cultural heritage, and worked together to enrol thousands of people to ensure everyone has access to the power of their vote. 

“We have members right around the country standing up and saying what politics looks like to them and it’s these perspectives that need to be at the heart of the most pressing policy debates.”


Media contact: Amy Morgan, 0455 595 642

Available for interview on request: Larissa Baldwin, CEO at GetUp