Aug 17th 2019

GetUp attack undemocratic

The attack on GetUp members today by Prime Minister Scott Morrison is undemocratic and contains factual errors.

None of the events during the 2019 Federal Election Mr Morrison intends on referring to in his speech to the South Australian Liberal Party can fairly be attributed to GetUp or our supporters.

GetUp National Director Paul Oosting said the Prime Minister wants to setup a kangaroo court where he decides whether we are guilty or not.

“There is no evidence - that’s why the AEC has ruled on three occasions in our favour.

“The Prime Minister is leveling extraordinary attacks on everyday people who participated in politics this election -- with no evidence.”

“GetUp members are teachers and nurses, mums and dads, students and pensioners. They spent this election campaign having heart to heart conversations with voters. 

“Afraid of being challenged or held to account on  having no policy on climate change and the lack of support for raising Newstart he is trying to shut down democratic participation, slurring the name of everyday people participating in our politics. 

“Forcing the AEC to once again investigate GetUp’s independence is a political stitch-up and a waste of public money. The AEC ruled in GetUp’s favour as recently as February this year.

“This would be the fourth attempt by the hard right to shut down independent grassroots campaigning. 

“Politics belongs to everyone.”