Feb 26th 2020

GetUp launches advertising blitz on Newscorp’s climate denial

GetUp has today launched an advertising blitz on Newscorp’s climate denial, putting billboards right outside the headquarters one of their biggest advertisers - Woolworths.

Woolworths advertising revenue pays the salary of climate deniers like Andrew Bolt and funds headlines like "[Global] Warming is Good for Us”.

GetUp members have chipped in for mobile billboards to drive across Sydney today sending the message loud and clear: “Woolworths stop propping up Newscorp’s climate denial.”

GetUp’s Campaign Director Ms Alix Foster Vander Elst said: 

“Woolworths is one of Newscorp’s big name advertisers, every time a piece of dangerous climate denial is printed it’s being funded by their ad dollars.

“Climate denial is dangerous, it’s bad for our future and it’s time to make it bad for business.

“The Murdoch press might think they can ignore the majority of Australians who want serious action on climate change but with a declining readership they are more reliant on advertisers than ever.

“Our message to Woolworths is simple: put pressure on the Murdoch press to clean up their climate denial or pull your advertising.”

**www.getup.org.au/woolies  **