Jul 13th 2019

GetUp members to set organisation's agenda for next three years

From today, thousands of people are expected to participate in GetUp’s Vision Survey – the organisation’s principal mechanism for setting its priority campaign areas and how to work on them.

GetUp’s National Director Paul Oosting said the Vision Survey presented the organisation with a good opportunity to take stock of the recent federal election result and how to progress its campaigns for human rights, economic fairness and environmental justice.

“From tax breaks for the rich to attacks on our press, the new Morrison Government has come quickly out of the gate and made clear its agenda for the next three years,” Mr Oosting said. “For our movement to defend the things we hold dear, it’s time we set our own.

“We know that everyday people have the power to create real change, even under a hostile government. Just last week, we were able to secure an important win to ensure a Senate inquiry into the Medevac Bill, giving us precious time to fight back against Dutton’s attempts to scrap the legislation that will bring sick people seeking asylum to safety.”

Mr Oosting said the vision survey will build on the valuable reflections and critical insights offered by more than 15,000 GetUp members in the organisation’s post-election campaign survey. 

“Every year, no matter who is in government, thousands of people add their voices to define the issues, build the strategy and determine the tactics GetUp uses in its campaigns. Empowering our members to set the agenda in the Vision Survey is exciting and it’s what makes GetUp unique.

“These are early steps in a long process that we want to get right – we’re determined not to rush anything. Once we’ve pored over the post-election debrief and the election survey, we’ll have all that’s needed to set the agenda.”

For more information and comment, contact Paul Mackay on 0432 182 647.