Feb 12th 2020

GetUp slams brazen attempt to peddle climate denial in schools

Prime Minister Scott Morrison should immediately move to squash the proposed One Nation Bill that seeks to peddle climate denial and right-wing conspiracy theories in Australian schools.

The Coalition’s election campaign partner Advance Australia is now backing One Nation’s Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children Bill, in an email to its members yesterday asking them to fund resources for schools that peddle climate denial.

GetUp’s climate spokesperson Ed Miller said now is the time for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to stamp out rabid climate denial from politics:

“Advance Australia is a fringe group who want to enter our classrooms and peddle lies about climate change. It’s contemptible. Their extreme views have no place in schools or in politics,” said Ed Miller. 

“The Prime Minister must now reject outright any further debate on this ludicrous One Nation bill to stamp out right-wing climate denial.

“There is no place for these extreme views in Australian politics while Australians are still fighting fires and still hurting.

“At a time when we must pull together as a nation to forge the path ahead from this catastrophic summer, the Coalition’s climate leadership ructions are allowing dangerous climate denial to escalate on the hard right of politics.

“Everyone from farmers, firefighters and the Business Council of Australia agree we need urgent climate action, yet Advance Australia are out on their own waving the flag for dangerous climate denial. 

“Advance Australia is a front for millionaires and rabid climate denial, it’s time for the Prime Minister to stamp out their extremism once and for all. 

“Leadership starts with our Prime Minister. He should take a stand today and rule out dangerous climate denial,“ said Ed Miller.