Feb 8th 2022

GetUp slams Coalition attempt to reintroduce racist Voter ID laws

GetUp has put the Coalition on notice that any attempt to re-introduce racist, undemocratic Voter ID laws into the Parliament will be met with force.

This afternoon, Coalition Senator James McGrath gave notice of his intention to introduce the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Voter Identification) Bill 2022. A repeat attempt at racist voter ID laws that Morrison and One Nation tried to ram through Parliament late last year. 

GetUp stood with communities to fight against voter ID laws - the Bill was met with tireless public pressure, which kept Senators holding firm and made it impossible to pass. 

Voter ID laws disproportionately target remote Aboriginal communities where people do not have a standard address, creating barriers to meet identification requirements. Not having an ID should not mean being disqualified from having a vote. 

GetUp’s First Nations Justice Campaign Director Larissa Baldwin said: 

“Last year we stood with communities to put this racist piece of legislation in the bin, where it needs to stay. 

“Voter ID bills are a naked attempt at disenfranchisement that should be categorically rejected in this country. 

“Remote Aboriginal communities are currently facing COVID outbreaks with bio-zones coming into force. Government should be looking at solutions for voting access, not introducing racist laws that create even more barriers for participation. 

“Voting is our democratic right. We fought this bill with huge public outcry just a few months ago - the Morrison Government can expect the same force. We will not stand for dirty politics trampling on First Nations voting rights.”