Mar 28th 2022

Government on notice to boost healthcare funding

New polling data shows healthcare remains a top priority for voters this budget

Ahead of the Coalition’s budget, recent polling data commissioned by GetUp shows the majority of voters expect increased federal healthcare funding from tonight’s budget, to deliver a health system that works for everyone.

In a recent poll carried out by uComms, 74% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed our healthcare system requires more funding from the Federal Government to increase staffing and resources during and after the pandemic. 

Our hospitals buckled with emergency departments struggling to cope under the pressure of flood survivors seeking care for infections, illnesses and injuries, at a time when Covid was on the rise again.

The Government is on notice that this budget must deliver for hospitals and nurses or face a backlash from voters.

GetUp’s Campaign Director, Rafi Alam said:

“The Morrison Government has failed to protect our communities. We need leadership that supports our healthcare system, where everyone can access the care they need. 

“Coalition attacks on healthcare funding have left our public hospitals running on fumes. When disasters and concurrent crises hit, hospitals are left struggling to provide basic support when their communities need them most.

“Tonight’s budget should increase hospital funding growth beyond the current 6.5% cap, which hamstrung hospitals throughout the pandemic. 

“Similarly, the federal government should increase the split of healthcare funding with the states from 45% to 50%. The polling shows most people expect the federal government to step up and guarantee a quality health care system that can serve everyone. 

“This election we’ll be pushing for tangible, positive change from the government, for a healthcare system that works for all, from COVID doctors in hospitals to those devastated by the floods and the bushfire. A system that doesn't leave anyone behind.”