Aug 29th 2019

Governments must rule out $4.4 billion in public subsidies to Adani

The Morrison and Palaszczuk governments are propping up Adani’s “unbankable and unviable” coal mine by handing over $4.4 billion in public subsidies, according to a new independent report.

Miriam Lyons, GetUp’s Environmental Justice Campaign Director, said it’s time for all governments to rule out using public money to prop up the Adani coal mine: 

“There is no justification for wasting billions of dollars of public funds each year propping up a climate-wrecking, water-guzzling, reef-destroying coal mine.

“We now know the only way Adani mine can feasibly go ahead is with “public handouts, tax breaks and special treatment” - the only responsible thing our public leaders can do is to squarely rule this out.  

“Public funds should go to health, education and clean energy - not to line the pockets of giant coal corporations”