Jul 30th 2020

Government’s own energy market operator rejects Morrison’s “gas recovery” fantasy

New national polling released today by GetUp backs in a fresh report from the Australian Energy Market Operator - renewable energy is the future, it’s overwhelmingly favoured by the public, and a no-brainer for reducing emissions, slashing energy prices and creating jobs.

It’s clear Scott Morrison’s handpicked, gas-stacked COVID Commission is trying to push us down a path of pointless and expensive resistance to renewable energy.

GetUp’s polling shows a massive preference to renewables over gas:

  • 60.8% of people have a preference to go straight to renewable energy, over gas as a transition fuel
  • 79.2% of people want to see public money invested in solar over gas
  • 65% people believe the potential environmental and health risks of gas drilling outweigh the potential economic benefits
  • More than 50% think new gas projects will have a detrimental impact on the climate

GetUp’s National Director Paul Oosting said:

“This shows exactly what we’ve known all along - renewable energy is the future. It’s the only path to creating jobs and reducing emissions, and it’s well within our grasp. 

“Gas is an irrelevant distraction, it’s only on the table as a handout to the fossil fuel lobby who have vested interests and deep pockets.

“There is no need for new gas. Demand is plummeting and across the world we’re seeing gas corporations saddled with billions of dollars in debt while renewable energy is booming.

“Today's report shows we are on track to reach 74% renewable energy within 20 years, better yet we could get to 98% renewables with the right policy and ambitious leadership. "Not a single one of the AEMO's scenarios shows the amount of gas being burned for Australia's main electricity grid increasing over the next two decades. It's a fantasy.

“We know people overwhelmingly want to transition straight to renewables and the national energy market operator has told us that households and businesses are doing exactly that - so who is Scott Morrison and the COVID Commission listening to?

“In the middle of a recession, with growing unemployment, it’s time for the government to catch up.

“Right now the choice is clear - we need solutions that prioritise workers and a clean energy transition, not billions of dollars of public money wasted propping up unviable gas projects. 

“Australia could be a world leader in clean energy, all the renewables we need are right here, all we need is the investment.”