Mar 7th 2022

Morrison Government disregards Traditional Owners, splashing more money for Beetaloo fracking

Fracking the Beetaloo will destroy Country and the water supplies remote communities rely on

The Morrison Government has announced a further $7.5 million will go to gas corporation Sweetpea Petroleum to frack the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory, despite Traditional Owners relentlessly saying that they do not consent to the project that threatens cultural heritage, sacred sites and water supply. 

This announcement comes despite the NT Government not yet implementing all recommendations for the project to go ahead safely.  It joins a recent announcement re-confirming $20 million for Liberal-linked Empire Energy and Imperial Energy to frack the Beetaloo. 

Governments have heard from Traditional Owners at the Senate Inquiry into the $50 million of public money allocated toward the project. In two weeks time politicians are set to travel to the Northern Territory to hear from Traditional Owners again, who relentlessly maintain that they do not want fracking in the Beetaloo. 

GetUp’s First Nations Justice Campaign Director and Election Co-Director Larissa Baldwin said: 

“This government is ramming through cash handouts to gas corporations in a last ditch effort ahead of the election - in total disrespect of Traditional Owners that have made clear they do not consent to fracking on their land. 

“Fracking the Beetaloo will destroy Country and the water supplies remote communities rely on, while releasing millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. 

“This government is actively choosing not to listen to communities - ignoring the wishes of Traditional Owners, and splashing cash to fossil fuels while the country grapples with a climate-induced environmental crisis. 

“With politicians travelling up to the Northern Territory in a couple weeks, the pressure is on. We will see who will stand with Traditional Owners and protect our climate. Because, clearly the Morrison Government wont.”

Media contact: Claire Lhuede, 0414 182 433