Dec 10th 2020

Major parties collude to rush passage of shameful ASIO bill

Peter Dutton and the Morrison Government have rammed through laws giving sweeping new surveillance powers to ASIO in Parliament's final few sitting hours of the year.

Words weren't enough from the Labor Party, who despite voicing concern the laws lack proper oversight or protections, still voted in lockstep with the Coalition to guarantee Peter Dutton and ASIO more power and less accountability

GetUp Campaign Director Chandi Bates said:

"Peter Dutton has rammed these laws through on Parliament’s final day of sitting without even the pretence of scrutiny or debate.

"These laws will allow kids as young as 14 to be interrogated, deny people access to legal representation while they're being interviewed by security agencies, and give Peter Dutton and ASIO even more power than they have already. 

“If that’s not terrifying enough, they could be used to jail journalists, track whistleblowers and clamp down on civil society groups like refugee and environmental organisations.

“It is not a coincidence the Morrison Government has pushed these laws through just as politicians pack up for the year, gagging debate because these arbitrary sweeping powers are indefensible.

“This is a government that thrives off secrecy - they're slowly chipping away at our democracy and counting on nobody to notice.

“But more than 115,000 people across the country have signed our petition opposing Peter Dutton’s dangerous laws, they’re watching this latest power grab and will not give up fighting against Dutton's surveillance state.”

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Chandi Bates, Campaign Director at GetUp