Oct 10th 2018

No child should fear rejection for being who they are

New polling reveals the shockwaves sent through the Morrison government in Wentworth will be replicated in Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah.

Monstrous is the only way to describe the Morrison Government’s reported plan to enshrine into law the discrimination of children.

GetUp campaign director Henny Smith said allowing religious schools to reject students based on their sexual orientation would devastate the lives of young people around the country.

“It’s mean and nasty. No child should fear rejection for being who they are. Growing up gay is hard enough. Doing it in a country where schools could treat you differently to your schoolmates would be near impossible” she said.

“In a true democracy, there is no freedom to discriminate. In fact, freedom from discrimination is an essential right.”

Ms Smith said it had taken less than a year since the country overwhelmingly voted Yes for equality before this government tried to again impose its extreme-right agenda on a country that doesn’t want it.

“Failing to condemn this plan to discriminate against kids flies in the face of what millions of everyday people want - acceptance, equality, and a fair go for all.”