Aug 16th 2019

Origin Energy forced to answer to successful shareholder activist intervention

Origin will be forced to prove it has been granted Traditional Owners consent for fracking the Beetaloo Basin, after an unprecedented shareholder action was successfully filed overnight.

Seven resolutions were lodged by the Australia Centre for Corporate Responsibility on behalf of Origin shareholders, many who are also GetUp members. They call on the Origin to actually consult with Traditional Owners and commit to genuine action on climate change that ultimately drops the fossil fuel arm of the company. 

Origin will now have to answer at their upcoming October AGM, a year on from when almost half of Origin’s shareholders voted on the company’s anti-climate lobbying involvement.

Mudburra Traditional Owner Ray Dixon, whose land overlies the Beetaloo gas basin, said:**“**

A proper process has not been followed with these fracking licences, the company didn't properly explain fracking and we have not given our consent. 

GetUp’s First Nations Justice Lead Campaigner Larissa Baldwin said Origin shareholders are demanding Origin be the responsible corporation it claims to be:

“How can Origin claim to be a climate leader while burning gas and profiting off emissions that fuels the climate disaster?  

“Origin thinks it can steamroll ahead with its plan to frack the Beetaloo Basin but its shareholders are demanding transparency. 

“We know that the Independent Fracking Inquiry found overwhelming opposition from Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory, and we know that the scientific evidence has dramatically changed in the 15 years since Origin claims its consent.

“Now it’s time for Origin to front up and provide the proof of the Traditional Owners consent they say they have."