Jun 4th 2020

Out of this crisis: a People's Recovery

As the country moves into a recession, GetUp has launched The People’s Recovery campaign - a bold, alternative vision of resilient jobs, clean investment and an economy that puts people front and centre in the October 2020 coronavirus recovery budget that will determine Australia's future.

Since this crisis began, things that once seemed impossible have come into reach - people can afford to send their kids to childcare, give them presents on their birthdays, and keep food on the table – even when things are tough.  But Scott Morrison wants that window slammed shut. 

The People’s Recovery policy vision is a six point plan to build a society where all our needs are met with secure, well-paid jobs, a place to call home and well-funded services, and where all our energy comes from clean, affordable sources like the sun and wind. 

Everyday people across the country deserve a say in how the country’s recovery effort can transform our society to help people recover better, so no one is left behind. 

GetUp’s National Director Paul Oosting said:

“These transformative moments shouldn’t belong to politicians, or be handed out to industry lobbyists. They belong to people.  

“We stand at a historic political crossroads - the people have already decided we can’t go back to business as usual. 

“If we make the right decisions, we can create hundreds of thousands of good jobs, ensure everyone has an income they can live on, set young people up for the future and transition to a clean energy economy.

“We know the majority of Australians are looking to the government to keep us safe with new solutions to the climate crisis that deliver sustainable jobs in renewable energy. 

“So far the government’s unelected and unaccountable COVID-19 Commission has been steering the country down the dead end road of a gas-led recovery, proposing big handouts to big polluters which is a conflict of interest given the fossil fuel industry leaders who sit on the Commision.  

“The public deserve much more of a say in how we recover from both the bushfires and coronavirus crises, to make sure our leaders put the public interest first at this once in a lifetime opportunity for renewal. 

“Everyday people across the country are discussing their hopes for a positive recovery with a vision that keeps the life-changing reforms introduced during the coronavirus crisis, invests in clean renewable energy, and creates jobs for all. That’s the leadership people across the country are calling for.

“This crisis has shown us that no issue is too big or too hard for bold and ambitious political reform,” said Paul Oosting.

The People’s Recovery campaign {: target="_blank"}launches today with a policy vision, a major investment in a national TV ad and digital advertising campaigns running 4-18 June, followed by actions such as billboards outside parliament, letter writing and town hall meetings across the country leading up to the October budget.