Jun 17th 2020

Political scandals just another day in the office without a National ICAC

GetUp’s National Director Paul Oosting said: “In a week of scandal on top of scandal exposing politicians misusing public money, the need for a National ICAC has never been more stark.

“Whether it’s the Nationals Leader using public money for a private jet to the Melbourne Cup, Pauline Hanson charging taxpayers thousands for travel to a fundraiser supported by a far-right extremists, or elected officials using public money to wine and dine with donors - it’s clear why trust in government has never been so low.

“At the same time, Scott Morrison has put a fossil fuel executive in charge of our economic recovery, pushing for millions of dollars in gas bailouts while sitting on the board of a gas company that stands to benefit. 

“Without a National Corruption Watchdog these relentless political scandals are just another day in the office for politicians.

“Politicians aren’t just going to change their stripes because it’s the right thing to do, or because of a day of embarrassing headlines.  

“The blatant misuse of public funds warrants a serious investigation. But without a Federal ICAC, these elected MPs will go unpunished and the misconduct will continue

“We need a genuine corruption watchdog – one that can hold public hearings, make public findings, and that is properly funded to clean up Parliament House.”