Nov 30th 2020

Politicians and community members unite to oppose Dutton's ASIO bill

MPs and Senators from across the political spectrum will come together on Tuesday to receive a petition calling on Parliament to oppose Peter Dutton's latest power grab.

The petition, signed by more than 115,000 people, opposes Dutton's latest bill to expand ASIO's powers and turn Australia into a surveillance state.

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe and independent MP Andrew Wilkie will formally receive the petition on the Parliament House lawns at 11am on Tuesday, November 1.

GetUp Campaigner Chandi Bates said:

"These laws paint a frightening picture of Australia to come, putting even more power and less accountability in Peter Dutton’s hands.

“Under Dutton’s dangerous laws ASIO will be able to track people's movements and listen to their conversations without oversight, detain children as young as 14, and question people without a lawyer present. 

“It could even see journalists and civil society groups charged with 'espionage' for reporting on things the government doesn't like.

“Everyday people across the country are fed up with the Morrison and Dutton government chipping away at our democracy. Now more than 115,000 of them are demanding that politicians block this dangerous bill.”

Media Contact:  Alex McKinnon - 0411 829 334