Nov 1st 2019

Prime Minister’s promise to big miners is an attack on everyday people

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made clear today his government has zero plan for the climate crisis and big promises for the mining industry.

**GetUp's Head of Campaigns Emily Mulligan said: **

"The government doesn't have a plan for the climate crisis, so it's cracking down on activists who want nothing more than the government to take the issue seriously.

“On the day we find out that coal from the six biggest miners in Australia produces more emissions than our entire economy, where is the Prime Minister? Giving a speech to a room full of mining execs.

“It’s ludicrous that the Prime Minister’s priority is to crack down on everyday people speaking up on issues they care about when we do not have a plan to address the real and immediate threat of climate change.

“The climate crisis is here, now, and it’s hurting people. It’s hurting First Nations communities, the people who grow our food and people battling unseasonal bushfires across the country.

“The fact is people are fed up with politics and looking to their own day to day lives for ways they can create change when the government isn’t providing solutions.”