Apr 5th 2019

Rushed, dangerous, undercooked. The whole process needs a review.

From start to finish, Adani’s approval process has been a crooked debacle.

From start to finish, Adani’s approval process has been a crooked debacle.

Now, Adani has been handed the keys to Queensland’s groundwater while Australia suffers through extreme weather, prolonged drought and intense bushfires.

This approval has already been slammed by water experts. It poses a clear and direct danger to aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin.

We’re talking about a company who has shown a complete inability to follow the law and Scott Morrison has rushed through a dangerous approval maybe just hours before his Government goes into caretaker mode.

They’ve been prosecuted for breaking the law over water violations, and are being investigated over two more criminal acts.

Every single part of Adani’s approval is rotten, and none of it is worse than their complete disregard for water. The only responsible thing to do is review the whole thing from the top.

Scott Morrison caving to Adani and jeopardising our water is a huge electoral misstep. People want to protect water. People don’t want a destructive coal mine. And they especially don’t want to see Morrison handing out special treatment to coal companies at five-minutes-to-midnight.

This last-minute capitulation might have been rushed, but the damage it might do will last forever. Once these springs are gone, there’s no getting them back.

Attribute to GetUp**Climate Director Sam Regester.**