Aug 3rd 2020

Scott Morrison cannot handball income support to the states

The Morrison government needs to step up and provide assurances that responsibility for income support will not be shirked off to the states.

With Melbourne facing new and unprecedented lockdowns and Australia now grappling with the possibility of a second wave - our communities and our economy needs more support, not less.

GetUp’s Economic Fairness Campaigns Director Ed Miller said:

“Scott Morrison has gone from “we're all Victorians" to "you’re on your own” in a heartbeat.

“Income support is, and has always been, a federal responsibility. “Now Scott Morrison is treating it like a game of political football that ignores the unique spending powers of the federal government.

“If federal support is not guaranteed will intimidate smaller states from taking the sensible public health measures needed to curb the spread.

“The ongoing crisis in Melbourne is causing havoc and heartache for all Australians. We know this virus will not respect borders. 

“As we grapple with the possibility of a second wave, Scott Morrison needs to give Premiers and public health officials confidence that the federal government will support them.

“When circumstances change, government policy needs to change with it. The government’s planned cuts to JobSeeker and JobKeeper must be reversed.

“It’s unthinkable that weeks after announcing $270 billion on military spending, that the federal government would say it doesn’t have the money to provide families and businesses with the support they need.”