Jul 26th 2023

Sky News distorts democratic Australia

Murdoch owned Sky News Australia provoking a deeper concern about the foundations of Australian democracy

Murdoch owned Sky News Australia has launched an entire channel dedicated to the Indigenous Voice referendum, meaning 24/7 coverage of what has now become a supercharged political issue. 

Provoking a deeper concern about the foundations of Australian democracy that will dangerously radicalise Australian politics. This is a calculated campaign to spread fear and misinformation in the lead-up to the referendum, with the objective of securing a ‘no’ vote. 
Australians should be concerned about any media outlet or news organisation propagating misinformation, regardless of how you intend to vote at the referendum. 

GetUp CEO, Larissa Baldwin-Roberts said:
“It’s important to understand that this is a tactic by Sky News Australia to spread disinformation and misinformation on loop between now and the referendum vote. 

“The Murdoch empire’s disregard for basic journalistic standards in its no campaign for the referendum threatens to radicalise our politics with unrestrained features of Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson.

“Sky News is absolutely part of Australia’s democratic problem - they can continue to launch their toxic attacks against First Nations people, they won’t win.

“GetUp are mobilising the progressive movement behind the yes campaign to strategically take on the brunt of public attacks from the ‘no campaign’.

“Publications and corporations who seek to divide rather than reconcile will be called out for what they are - fear mongers and racists.”