Nov 6th 2023

Traditional Owners rally outside Tamboran’s AGM: protect water, don’t frack the NT

We stand with Traditional Owners saying no to fracking and gas expansion in the Northern Territory

Outside Tamboran’s last AGM in Australia, Traditional Owners from the Northern Territory are joining with community groups urging Tamboran to respect their wishes and abandon their polluting fracking plans. 

Tamboran has announced plans to re-domicile in Delaware in the United States – while still proceeding with plans to frack the Beetaloo Basin – making this the last time locals impacted by their fracking plans can easily hold the corporation accountable.

Tamboran’s mega fracker imported from the United States can drill more than 4 kilometres, two to four times anything currently approved in Australia, impacting two to four times more water. 

Bradley Farrar, Alawa Traditional Owner from the Beetaloo Basin said: 

“Tamboran wants to frack our Country without our consent. Our water, land, cultural heritage and climate are all at risk. As Traditional Owners, we’ve been saying no to fracking for a decade and I’ve travelled to Sydney to say: we’re not going anywhere.”

Mililma May, Kulumbirigin Danggalaba Tiwi woman and CEO of Uprising of the People said: 

“Tamboran is ignoring what we want. They want to build a polluting gas plant to process and export fracked gas on my Country at Middle Arm on Darwin Harbour. We do not consent to Tamboran’s activities. We’re already feeling the impacts of burning fossil fuels and Tamboran’s polluting gas plant would exacerbate extreme heatwaves, fires and floods - there will be nothing left if we don’t speak up.”

GetUp CEO and Widjabul Wia-bal woman Larissa Baldwin-Roberts said:

“We’re taking every opportunity to continue to stand with Traditional Owners saying no to fracking and gas expansion in the Northern Territory. Tamboran shouldn’t just move their corporate structure back to the United States, they should listen to Traditional Owners and abandon their fracking plans.”


Media contact, Amy Morgan,, +61 2 8188 2870