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Political parties and institutional politics have too often failed to inspire the public or offer meaningful opportunities for participation. Despite years of economic good times, many Australians remain deeply concerned about the political direction of our country. It has not been a good decade for Australia's progressives - those of us who share a commitment to the values of social justice, cultural diversity, ecological sustainability and economic fairness.

GetUp provides Australians with the tools to fight back, hold politicians accountable, and take innovative and effective action on important issues facing our country. GetUp is a ground-up movement of real people who are putting participation back into our democracy.

Since its inception 10 years ago, the GetUp community has grown to include over 800,000 members who are not afraid to stand up and have their say about important progressive political issues, helping shape the direction of Australian politics.

Together we've upheld civil liberties, fought for a free and unbiased media, ended the detention debt for refugees housed in detention centres, mounted a legal challenge to allow more Australians to vote, fought for mental health reform and in more recent times, endeavoured to promote corporate responsibility.

Take a look at our campaigns page to check out what issues we're currently working on.
GetUp members take action on the issues that are most important to them. Whether it is championing the cause of mistreated animals, upholding the principles of a free and unbiased media or campaigning for more ethical corporate behaviour – GetUp offers numerous avenues to take action. Whether it is sending email to a member of parliament, signing a petition, attending an event or helping to get an ad on the air; GetUp members are consistently involved in targeted, coordinated and strategic initiatives. By signing up for updates, members are alerted to new campaigns that provide ways of affecting positive change.
GetUp is run by a small office of staff, interns and volunteers in Sydney. In 2015, Paul Oosting replaced Sam McLean as our National Director.

GetUp was founded in 2005 by a team of three Australians - Jeremy Heimans, David Madden and Amanda Tattersall. David and Jeremy are Australian graduates of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government who have worked at the intersection of technology, new media and politics in the United States. David and Jeremy also co-founded, a global online political community inspired by the success of GetUp and the US group Amanda Tattersall is a Sydney based community organiser who has founded a series of new social change organisations in Sydney and is known for her writing on civil society collaboration.

GetUp has a board that advises the staff. The board includes GetUp's co-founders David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Amanda Tattersall, the founder of Rural Australians for Refugees Anne Coombs, Indigneous policy expert, Sarah Maddison, Simon Westcott and Katie Kiss.

Ultimately, the real work and impact of GetUp is achieved through our community members who make the calls, send the emails, attend the events and give generous financial support. GetUp could not carry out its important work without the amazing support of our members.

Our board members:

  • Sarah Maddison: Sarah Maddison is the Chair of the Board. She is an Associate Professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. She is a widely published author and her recent books include Black Politics: Inside the complexity of Aboriginal political culture (Allen and Unwin 2009, winner of the Australian Political Studies Association Henry Mayer book prize in 2009), Beyond White Guilt: The real challenge to Black-White relations in Australia (Allen and Unwin 2011), and the co-edited collection Unsettling the settler state: Creativity and resistance in Indigenous Settler-state governance (Federation Press 2011). Her earlier books are Activist Wisdom (UNSW Press 2006, with Sean Scalmer) and Silencing Dissent (Allen and Unwin 2007, co-edited with Clive Hamilton).

  • Jeremy Heimans: Jeremy Heimans is co-founder and CEO of Purpose. Jeremy has been building movements since the age of 8 when, as a child activist in his native Australia, he ran media campaigns and lobbied leaders on issues like children's rights and nuclear non-proliferation. He co-founded GetUp, In 2007, Jeremy co-founded Avaaz, the world's largest online citizens' movement, now with more than 34 million members. The World e-Government Forum has named him as one of the top ten people who is changing the world of politics and the internet, and the Guardian named him one of the ten most influential voices on sustainability in the US.

  • David Madden: In 2004, David was one of the founders of Win Back Respect, a web-based campaign against the foreign policy of United States President George W. Bush. The following year, he co-founded GetUp. David and Jeremy subsequently co-founded David is the co-author of Imagining Australia: Ideas for Our Future (Allen & Unwin, 2004). In 2006 David was named one of the "Top 10 People who are Changing the World of Politics and the Internet" by Politics Online and the World E-Government Forum.

  • Amanda Tattersall: Amanda Tattersall is well recognised as a leading coalition builder and social change campaigner in Australia. She is the founding Director of the Sydney Alliance, a diverse coalition of unions, community organisations, schools and religious organisations that uses community organising to make Sydney a better place to live. She is a co-founding director and chair of GetUp.

  • Anne Coombs: Anne Coombs is a writer and social entrepreneur. She was one of the founders of Rural Australians for Refugees, which grew from three people, to over ten thousand between 2001 - 2004, and became one of the most effective advocate groups for refugees. This gave her hands-on experience in network building, message shaping and promotion. She has been involved in many community activists initiatives at both a local and national level. Anne is currently the executive director of the Becher Foundation, which supports progressive and innovation social projects, particularly in the area of indigenous policy, refugees and regional communities. The foundation seeks in particular to support female leadership development in the non-governmental organisation sector. She is the author of three books on contemporary social history and two novels. She is also an alumnus of Sydney Leadership.

  • Katie Kiss: Katie is a Kaanju Aboriginal woman from Cape York Australia; and a descendant of the Wiri people of the Bowen region of North Queensland. Katie graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations. She has been involved in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs at the local, community, state, national and international level for the past 20 years across a wide range of issues including: community development; social justice; constitutional reform; governance; native title and land management; cultural heritage and environment protection and management; education, training and employment. Katie spent eight years at the Australian Human Rights Commission; and most recently held the position of Director of Strategic Projects at the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples. She is a current Chamber Three Delegate of the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples; she is a standing Board Member of Ngroo Education Incorporated and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC); and she is the nominated representative in her families land and native title negotiations.

  • Simon Westcott: Simon is a long time GetUp member and supporter, with extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector through board and community positions in the health and arts. He owns and runs travel media company Mr and Mrs Smith, after a long career in print and digital media, most recently in Australia at Fairfax and Lonely Planet.

No. GetUp is an independent advocacy group. We don't advocate for any particular political party - we simply call it as we see it; congratulating progressive policy and criticising bad policy.

GetUp brings together progressive people - some, from a variety of political backgrounds and parties but GetUp remains independent of any political affiliation. It is GetUp's political independence that allows us to work with and critique all political parties without fear or favour.
The first way to get involved is to become a member! If you're not already a part of our amazing community, you can join up here.

GetUp has a team of staff, volunteers and interns in our Sydney office who assist with a range of tasks such as research, administration, website development and event coordination. If this sounds like your cup of tea, check this out.

We also occasionally seek out volunteers to help out at community events. If you're interested, please send us a short email at explaining how you think you could help and attach a brief resume - we'll keep your details on file for when an opportunity arises.
If you can help out with one of our campaigns, we'd love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at - make sure you include a CV with your contact details, location, past experience and an outline of what you could offer (including cost of services).
Please contact us at

Member enquiries

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1. Unsubscribe your old email address here.
2. Register the email address to which you'd like to receive emails anew - pop your email in on the homepage.
3. If you have any troubles, or would like to make sure we keep your donation history in one place, shoot us an email at - make sure you include the two email addresses and the subject line 'merge'.
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As a member led organisation, it is the feedback and ideas of our members that help shape GetUp's direction.

Through regular surveys and community feedback, we identify what our members care about and what they want to act on.

GetUp campaigns will always reflect our core values; social justice, democratic accountability, economic fairness and environmental sustainability.

Since there are many issues facing our country at any given time, GetUp looks for those opportunities where our contribution will be most effective. Although there are many worthy campaigns idea, GetUp only has the capacity to take on around a dozen issues in any given year. This means we take great care when deciding which issues we take on as GetUp campaigns.

GetUp mainly works on domestic campaigns, and we've certainly got our hands full here! If you have an international campaign idea, you might like to approach one of GetUp's sibling organisations:

  • International:
  • The UK:
  • The US:
  • Canada:
  • Corporate campaigns:
Absolutely! We welcome the ideas and suggestions of GetUp members to help shape our actions on important national issues. We are currently developing a new tool to help GetUp members launch their own campaigns - until then, we would love you to drop us a line at or visit our "suggest" page here: here

Useful information to include in your suggestion:
  • What does victory look like (what, specifically, are you trying to achieve)?
  • Who has the power to make change happen, or at least influence the political result (should we be targeting dissenting MPs, the media, the Prime Minister)?
  • Why is this important, in a sentence (i.e. No child belongs in detention)?
  • How can GetUp members make a difference (i.e. sign a petition, call talkback radio, attend a rally, email their Federal MP)?
  • When is this happening (why should we run a campaign about this now, or later)?
No. Unlike a political party, being a member of the GetUp community does not mean you have to support every issue that we campaign on.

Our members 'opt-in' and support issues they care about and are motivated to act on. For each campaign we run, GetUp will send out a message alerting members to the issue at hand and an opportunity to take action. As a member, you'll be provided with ways to get involved with issues that you're passionate about. Our role is to facilitate action, but we don't dictate it - you can elect not to take part in campaigns you do not personally support.
GetUp is committed to protecting your privacy and will only add your email to our database if you've signed up to receive updates. There are two common ways people sign up to GetUp. By participating in a GetUp action (such as a petition), you are automatically signed up to receive GetUp updates. Alternatively, you may have signed up on our homepage.

If you do not remember subscribing, it is possible that someone else subscribed you using your email address. At the bottom of every email we send, there is a link to unsubscribe. If you feel you have been added in error, or would like to stop receiving GetUp updates, you can also click here to unsubscribe.
Unsubscribing is easy - simply click here.

We're very sorry to see you go! We work very hard to continually improve our communications and better understand our membership -we'd really appreciate 2 minutes of your time to give us some feedback about your reasons for unsubscribing. Email, or participate in the member exit survey on the unsubscribe page.

If you experience difficulties unsubscribing, drop us a line at with your contact information included and we will be sure to fix that up for you.

Donations enquiries

Yes, there are a number of other ways you can donate to Getup:
  • Via phone: To donate via the phone, please call on (02) 8188 2888
  • Via mail: To donate via mail, simply fill out our donation form here. Please make your cheque or money orders out to 'GetUp Ltd' and post to
  • GetUp Ltd
    Reply Paid A105
    Sydney South
    NSW 1235
  • PayPal: If you would like to donate via PayPal, our account name is
Easy! Click on the "MyGetUp" link in the top right-hand corner of this page and use your email address and MyGetUp password to login (if you're yet to make a password, click here to create one.). You'll find a donations dashboard there where you can change the amount and frequency of your donations. If you'd like to cancel your donation, please call us on (02) 9211 4400 or email us on You'll receive a response within 24 hours. Any problems? Email us at and either let us know, or advise us of what change you'd like to make.
Politics should be about movements, not millionaires. So while our politicians are bankrolled by huge cheques from big business, GetUp is funded by you.

GetUp is a not-for-profit organisation and receives no money from any political party or the government. Instead we're supported by thousands of individuals who may not have a lot of time or money, but who care about the issues and want to have a say. Over 50,000 Australians have chipped in to fund GetUp's campaigns, and the average donation is just under $42. That's something to be very proud of.

The majority of donors to GetUp give under $100, but some individuals and organisations have contributed more. Like all advocacy organisations, GetUp is required by law to disclose to the Australian Electoral Commission the identity of any donors who give over $11,200 in a financial year. These disclosures take up to 18 months; for example, donations to political parties and advocacy organisations during the 2010 Federal Election won't be disclosed to the public until February 2012. We believe those laws should be tightened, so GetUp is immediately making public all donations to GetUp over $11,500. All future donations over $11,500 will be published on our website within 30 days of their receipt.

If you donate towards a particular campaign, we'll only put that money towards the issue you're passionate about. We rely on the donations given by people who choose not to chip in to a specific campaign, but to support GetUp in general, for our (small) office. These donors make everything possible, and give all GetUp members the chance to influence change on the issues you care about. Our dedicated team of staff are backed up by the inexhaustible energy of interns and volunteers - we make sure your dollar goes a long way to creating a progressive Australia.

We know that being transparent about the donations we receive is important to members - check out our donations disclosure page here.

If you would like to donate to GetUp, click here.
Our online donation system is safe and entirely secure with the highest level of encryption possible. When donating to GetUp, all information you enter on the form is encrypted with a 256 bit encryption process authenticated by Geotrust, a trust verification service. Some older versions of browsers might occasionally display an error message indicating that aspects of the page are not secure. Please be assured that these are NOT related to the donation form itself, but tend to be videos or images related to the campaign. We are working to minimise the error messages, but if you do have any concerns please send us an email. Alternatively, you can also make a donation by cheque, PayPal or over the phone - email for more information.
There are a range of reasons why this may be the case. You may have a problem with your account or your bank - or you may have incorrectly entered your details, so double check them and try again. If you have selected "Other amount", check that you have entered an amount. If you continue to have problems, don't hesitate to email us at or call us on (02) 8188 2888.
Yes, GetUp is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Our ABN number is 99114027986.
Under the current laws, donations to GetUp are not tax-deductible. This is an important measure to ensure that GetUp's campaign and advocacy work remain independent of government funds.

Technical difficulties

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