Aug 15th 2022

Calls for government to scrap all money for Beetaloo and review decisions

Morrison has trashed justice and self-served his own needs above those of an entire country

Scott Morrison secretly took joint charge of several portfolios during COVID-19 undermining the Westminster system and leaving Australians in the dark as to what these controversial  ministerial arrangements were.

These secret self-appointments bypass regulatory processes, and for a Prime Minister to do so is a massive slap in the face to our democracy.

We’re calling on the Labor government including the Minister for Resources Madeleine King MP, Minister for the Environment, Tanya Plibersek MP and Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen MP to scrap all funding sidelined by the Morrison government during these dodgy dealings and for a complete review of the resources portfolio and all decisions made between March 2020 and the Federal Election.

GetUp’s First Nations Justice Campaign Director, Amy Gordon said:

“Morrison has trashed justice and self-served his own needs above those of an entire country. He has undermined ministers and made deals that would have long-lasting impact on our First Nations communities and our environment.

“In late 2021, Morrison appointed himself a joint-Minister to the resources portfolio. In the months that followed, that portfolio granted $19.4 million dollars of public money to fracker Imperial Oil & Gas, a subsidiary of Empire Energy, and $7.5 million to another fracker, Sweetpea.

“These funding decisions were made without the public knowing who was really calling the shots, and they must be reviewed. These fracking projects threaten country, water, and our climate. Now, we know the circumstances surrounding their only lifeline - public money - threaten our democracy, too.”

“The Morrison government’s influence and their relationships with industry is completely tarnished. These deals need to be stopped immediately - they put doubts on the legitimacy of the money granted.

“We need the Labor Government to provide stability and development for our communities in the Northern Territory and start to put people over profit and political power.”


Media contact: Amy Morgan 0455 595 642

Notes to Editors:
GetUp’s petition to To Ministers Bowen, King and Plibersek of the Albanese Government
Minister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt’s statement for $7.5m grant to support gas exploration in Beetaloo Sub-BasinMinister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt has announced the Coalition Government has entered three grant agreements worth a combined $19.4 million to support gas exploration in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Sub-Basin.